Alphabet Readings for Psychic


Alphabet Readings for Psychic Readers and Spiritual Advisors

While there are many ways to do psychic readings, from Tarot cards to tea leaves, good readers and advisors are always seeking additional ways to connect with the sitter, or participant.

This book provides a very special way to instantly bond in the meet and greet moment by using the initials of a person’s first, middle, or surname.

Using a person’s initials is a unique way to do a psychic reading which opens the door to deeper insights from which to expand a reading. From the moment you ask a person their first name, you can give a reading using the material in this book. As in the case of doing any reading, you proceed slowly, constantly feeling for feedback and reaction as you unfold more and more revelations.

Some elements of these readings are interchangeable between the letter designations, and you may swap one for another to more accurately tailor the reading to the individual.

For any spiritual advisor or psychic reader, here are twenty-six ways to begin or even finish any reading in a helpful and impressive way.

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