The Resilient Mind


The Resilient Mind: Achieve Success by Building Mental and Emotional Toughness

Are you finding it increasingly stressful keeping up with the relentless demands of the modern workplace? Are you strained from balancing your personal and professional life?

In The Resilient Mind you’ll learn how to develop proven techniques to combat stress, develop mental toughness, and become a resilient person. The author’s method to succeed in the fast-paced, no-holds-barred climate we live in, gives you the power to flourish in today’s world.

The resilient are immune to the negative aspects of stress, recover quickly after trauma, and can thrive in chaotic environments. Learn how to:

– apply research based “resiliency factors” in daily life
– thrive in a psychologically demanding environment
– bounce back quickly after personal or professional disaster
– achieve peak performance while under stress

It’s time to boost your ability to handle adversity in a positive way. To win in the game of life, you must master the art of being resilient.

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